Outsourced Managed Services

Maintain, manage and protect your business with IT Computer Support Data Security Services.

Local Outsourcing

Outsource Your IT at a Fixed Price

We support healthcare providers, financial institutions, businesses and government agencies with cost-effective outsourced managed services.

Managed Services Delivers:

  • Proactive Strategic Planning
  • Customized Technology Solutions
  • Guaranteed Response Time
  • Priority Access to Certified Local Professionals
  • Augments Your Current IT Staff
  • Fixed Monthly Fee

24/7 Monitoring

Data Co-Location Site


Corporate Relocation

Data Backup and Security

Data Center Design

Network Architecture

VoIP Telephone Systems

Server Maintenance

Cloud Services

Exchange Server

Data Center Design

Data Center & Network Infrastructure Solutions

Our engineers will help you design, build and manage a data center to support the flow of information throughout your business network. Our data center solutions help you realize the benefits of lower operational costs, higher productivity and greater peace of mind.


    • Security Technology Best Practice Assessments
    • Security Policy Development
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Architected Security Solutions
    • Systems Monitoring and Reporting

Exchange Server

Exchange Server Installation, Maintenance and Support

Microsoft Exchange is the mission critical application enabling businesses to communicate and conduct transactions.Our certified engineers can help you fix any issues you experience today and reduce the risk of future problems.

Microsoft Exchange Server Installation

Design, Plan, Assist. A successful exchange server installation comes down to a strong understanding of business needs and a plan of action to accomplish growth goals.  Our engineers work with you to build the right email infrastructure for your business.

Microsoft Exchange Server Support and Maintenance

Is your Exchange Server running optimally? Are you running out of mailbox space? Need your information storage moved? Let us analyze and fix any issues before they become problems.

Microsoft Exchange Server Migration

Our certified engineers can help your organization move from another mail technology package to Exchange Server.


Next Generation Firewalls Secure Network Data and Defend Against Attack

ITCSNY’s firewall package provides commercial-quality security for your network communications and data. Even the smallest mistake can render a firewall useless, which is why we ensure our firewall administrators have a thorough understanding of network protocols and computer security. Our experts provide 24/7 support for the design, configuration, installation, monitoring, and management over the entire lifetime of your firewall. ITCSNY provides support and maintenance for Checkpoint, Cisco PIX, and Sonic Wall, as well as establishing next generation firewalls for businesses and medical practices needing Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliance.

Firewalls Help:

  • Keep Your Private Information Private
  • Secure Network Communications
  • Defend Data Against Attack
  • Identify Threats

Proper configuration of firewalls demands skill from a firewall administrator who has a thorough understanding of network protocols and computer security. Small mistakes can render a firewall worthless as a security tool. ITCSNY provides support and maintenance for Checkpoint, Cisco PIX and Sonic Wall firewalls.

Server Maintenance

Server Support and Cable Management

Server maintenance requires both software and hardware management.  Patch installation is an important step but physical stressors can also play a role in the longevity of your hardware.  Overheating due to improper installation or environmental hazards can shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Our support team can help prevent downtime through not just regular firmware upgrades, but also periodical hardware spot-checks, cleaning and cable management.

Supported Server Types

  • PC
  • Linux
  • MAC
  • Exchange Servers

24/7 Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring of Critical IT infrastructure

24×7 Monitoring is a proactive, cost-effective way to limit unexpected downtime for critical business network components. We provide early warning of system degradation and failures, often before it threatens the security or reliability of your business computer network. Our monitored services provide alerts of degraded operations or system failures so these situation may be remedied quick and efficiently.

24/7 Monitoring Benefits:

  • Early Warning of Systems Degradation
  • Limits Downtime
  • Notification of a System Failure
  • Cost-Effective

Data Co-Location Site

Premium Co-location Site Support

A Co-Location Site is a physical location away from your present business location where you can house a redundant model of your business network. Our engineers will build your co-location site to ensure that your business data can be recovered quickly and reliably if disaster strikes, allowing business operations to continue without a hitch.

Benefits of a Co-Location Site:

  • Data is Backed Up and Protected Regularly
  • Reduce Downtime
  • Faster Recovery from Disaster
  • Work Remotely When Needed

Co-Location Sites are perfect for offices that don’t have the sufficient space, cooling capability, or electrical output to run the proper equipment for your business. Our co-location sites are managed and monitored by ITCSNY engineers and are designed to be secure and structurally sound to keep your business data protected and accessible.

Corporate Relocation

Strategic Relocation and Migration

Our team plans and organizes techniques to minimize costs during a corporate relocation or computer migration. Relocation takes time and consideration, regardless of the distance and a strategic plan is essential to ensure the transition is smooth and successful.


  • Save Hours of Work
  • Backup Service for Digital Files
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes

Data Backup and Security

System Data Security and Migration

Keep critical systems online and accessible with purpose-built protection for every type of data.

IT environments are comprised of an assortment of critical and non-critical systems. An end-to-end data protection platform that aligns the right technology for each system can help you lower costs and simplify business continuity.

ITCSNY Data Security Options Include:

  • Server Backup
  • Data Center Backup
  • Migration
  • Endpoint Backup

Network Architecture

Service Oriented Network Architecture

Increase the efficiency and reliability of your business network. We provide stable, reliable and cost effective network architecture for your business.

We provide professional help on:

  • Data Migrations
  • Workstation Administration and Desktop Support
  • Server Virtualization
  • Hardware Upgrades
  • Cloud Computing Migration
  • System Integration

Network architecture is a blueprint of your complete computer communication network, which provides a framework and technology foundation for the design, build, and management of a business network. This typically follows a layered structure, which means tasks are divided into a number of smaller parts to accomplish a particular sub-task. Layering allows these network parts to interact with each other in well-defined ways so that they can be tested individually and keep each design simple.

VoIP Telephone Systems

All-Inclusive Communication Services

We have joined with a number of partners to offer purpose-built VoIP business communication and contact center solutions for small and mid-sized companies. This allows us to provide you with unique software and an extensive breadth of communication features.


  • Lower Your Operating Costs
  • Increase Productivity and Save Money at the Same Time
  • You and Your Employees to Feel Like You Are in the Main Office Wherever You Are

Our unique communication application unifies messaging, email, and phone features into one easy-to-use interface. With ITCSNY’s VoIP solution, you can stop worrying about technology and focus on business growth.


  • Unlimited Call Queues
  • Automatic Call Distribution
  • On-the-Fly Recording
  • Netragard Technology

Cloud Services

Subscription Based Online Software Packages

Cloud based software solutions give businesses a level of flexibility unheard of with tradition deployment methods. Our cloud clients have access to infinitely-scalable applications and APIs that can expand as the needs of the business increase.  The subscription-based model allows businesses to only pay for what they use and avoid the capital expense of purchasing IT equipment and the hassle of maintaining on-site equipment. These services can be metered online by you, or managed remotely by our team at IT Computer Support of New York.

The Benefits of Cloud Services Include:

  • Efficient Consolidation and Standardization of your IT Environment
  • On-going Maintenance, patches and upgrades applied automatically at no additional cost.
  • Significantly Lower Energy Consumption
  • Meeting Growing Demands for Users and Customers
  • Expertise from Certified Engineers and Developers

We Provide the Resources to Support Your Success

When you become an ITCSNY client you can rest easy with the knowledge that you will receive timely support from local certified engineers. Contact us today to get started with a custom plan designed just for your business’ needs.
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