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Congress has voted to overturn a FCC rule that required internet providers to get consumers permission before sharing their browsing history.  The new resolution is now just waiting for a final signature from the president before restrictions are lifted and a user’s online activity becomes a sellable commodity. When it comes to internet privacy, there is a lot of confusion about what type of information is actually recorded.  Every time …

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Data systems at the Office of Personal Management (OPM) were the target of a massive cyberattack which has resulted in the theft of sensitive information for over 21 million people in US.  That number is more than five larger than the number originally revealed a month ago when the news of the breach was first revealed. Members of Congress were briefed on the scope of security breach Thursday, which now …

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Last week, Facebook announced that it would now use personal information and browsing history to target a user with specific ads.  While targeted ads are nothing new, the amount of information that Facebook has on the average user is staggering and most people are all too eager to share even more. Facebook’s new ad policy states that the social network will now gather information from third party websites as well …

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