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Google Chrome is the current target of a malvertising campaign that aims to trick users into calling a fake tech support line.  Tech support scams have become a popular tactic for malware distributers because they prey on a user’s ignorance and fear instead of relying on the overt extortion tactics used by ransomware. The Google Chrome browser scam uses an exploit in the current version of Chrome to overload the …

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Victims of past phone tech support scams are about to receive a refund from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  Telemarketing tech support scams that originated back in 2014 raked in over $120m from victims across the United States.  The FTC announced Monday that victims of the incident would soon be receiving an email with instructions on how to receive a refund from the incident. Tech support scams have become a …

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Last year saw an unprecedented number of complaints from businesses that were victims of tax season phishing scams and the IRS warns that a new batch of attacks has already begun.  Targeted phishing scams campaigns (Spear Phishing), use insider information to take advantage of a business’s employees.  The latest scams uses fake emails disguised as requests from a CEO or CFO to convince a business’s payroll departments to give up …

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