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24/7 Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring of Critical IT infrastructure

24×7 Monitoring is a proactive, cost-effective way to limit unexpected downtime for critical business network components. We provide early warning of system degradation and failures, often before it threatens the security or reliability of your business computer network. Our monitored services provide alerts of degraded operations or system failures so these situation may be remedied quick and efficiently.

24/7 Monitoring Benefits:

  • Early Warning of Systems Degradation
  • Limits Downtime
  • Notification of a System Failure
  • Cost-Effective


Cloud-based Anti-spam and Email Spooler Management and Monitoring

Our managed firewall service guards the perimeter of your network, allowing inbound and outbound internet access only through a secure, managed gateway. This protects your business against unauthorized access to your network infrastructure, prohibits access to inappropriate web content, restricts downloads of infected files, and enables secure use of your network.

Anti-Spam Services:

  • Keep Spam, Viruses and Malware Out of Your Systems
  • Improve Worker Productivity
  • Reduce Bandwidth Requirements
  • Reduce Downtime

Digital Video Security

New York City Digital Video Security

We provide tamper-proof, business-grade digital video security systems to secure your property and staff. Whether you are a private business, government agency, or established medical practice, our video security services are flexible and customized to your unique needs.

Features of ITCSNY Digital Video Security Include:

  • Live Video
  • Professional Installation
  • Remote Viewing
  • 24-Hour Monitoring

With over 28 years of experience installing and maintaining security equipment, ITCSNY brings the expertise you expect to maintain both new systems and previously installed equipment by other providers.

Digital Video Security Systems Ensures:

  • No One Enters Private Offices or Sensitive Cabinets Without Your Knowledge
  • Employees are Opening and Closing on Time
  • That You Receive Notifications About Employee and Customer Traffic

Vulnerability Testing

Penetration Tests and Vulnerability Assessments

Our network security experts meticulously assess your security posture at regular intervals to ensure old vulnerabilities have been repaired and that new ones have not been introduced. Our network security assessment delivers customized scans and penetration tests to deliver fast, accurate and detailed analysis reports complete with actionable remediation plans.

We Provide:

  • Penetration Tests
  • Web Application Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Planning


Next Generation Firewalls Secure Network Data and Defend Against Attack

ITCSNY’s firewall package provides commercial-quality security for your network communications and data. Even the smallest mistake can render a firewall useless, which is why we ensure our firewall administrators have a thorough understanding of network protocols and computer security. Our experts provide 24/7 support for the design, configuration, installation, monitoring, and management over the entire lifetime of your firewall. ITCSNY provides support and maintenance for Checkpoint, Cisco PIX, and Sonic Wall, as well as establishing next generation firewalls for businesses and medical practices needing Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA compliance.

Firewalls Help:

  • Keep Your Private Information Private
  • Secure Network Communications
  • Defend Data Against Attack
  • Identify Threats

Proper configuration of firewalls demands skill from a firewall administrator who has a thorough understanding of network protocols and computer security. Small mistakes can render a firewall worthless as a security tool. ITCSNY provides support and maintenance for Checkpoint, Cisco PIX and Sonic Wall firewalls.

We Provide the Resources to Support Your Success

When you become an ITCSNY client you can rest easy with the knowledge that you will receive timely support from local certified engineers. Contact us today to get started with a custom plan designed just for your business’ needs.
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